Pursuit Promotional Management Eyes Big Wins in 2018

The Director of Operations at Pursuit Promotional Management discussed the firm's 2017 achievements. He also highlighted a few team travel events and his goals for continued improvement in 2018.

It’s a time for reflection around the Pursuit Promotional Management office, which means putting 2017 achievements in perspective. Michael M., the firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “This year has been all about growth, both for our company and the brands we represent. Brand growth has been up by 800 percent just this year, and we’re also excited about the office we just opened.”

The firm’s promotional strategists also traveled to a wide range of destinations over the past year. Michael remarked, “Our team members ventured to national conferences, networking events, and seminars. We also sent several people to the R&R event in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It was great to give our team members a chance to recharge their batteries and network with high-achieving peers at the same time.”

This year’s travel events provided a wealth of benefits to the members of Team Pursuit Promotional Management. The Director explained, “Along with the professional advice they received from influential industry leaders, our people also took advantage of the chance to reflect on their work. By discussing best practices with their peers, they were able to devise new strategies for ongoing projects back at our office. They returned home ready to apply fresh insights to our biggest challenges.”

Pursuit Promotional Management’s Director of Operations Discusses Goals for 2018

The prospects for further growth in 2018 are strong, according to the Director. “I’m excited for all the hard work we’ve done and excited for how much growth we’re going to see next year,” he said. “We’ve built up a lot of positive momentum throughout 2017, so I’m looking forward to watching our promotional strategists capitalize on it. We plan to foster international partnerships and expand into several major new markets in the year to come.”

Goal setting is a way of life around the Pursuit Promotional Management office. Team members are trained from their first days on the job to establish clear objectives for personal and professional development. Michael commented, “We understand that we have to keep setting the bar higher to keep up in a competitive marketplace. That’s why we train our team members to continually put well-defined benchmarks in place. Doing so helps them track their progress, make meaningful improvements, and push key projects forward at the same time.”

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Source: Pursuit Promotional Management