Pursuit Promotional Management Team Attends Conference

Select members of the Pursuit Promotional Management team recently attended a leadership conference in Dallas, Texas. The event presented participants a chance to network with others while enhancing important business skills.

“There were many industry leaders at this conference,” said Michael M., Pursuit Promotional Management’s Director of Operations. “This was a valuable opportunity to pick their brains and learn from those who know what it takes to succeed in business.”

As Michael shared, the conference was an opportunity to discover new techniques and gain knowledge that he could bring back to the team. “Professional development is a strong component of the Pursuit Promotional Management culture,” he explained. “We strive to share what we learn with each other so that everyone can excel in their roles. Even if not everyone was able to attend, they can benefit from the material others impart.”

To Michael, the big plus from this conference was networking with people from other regions. “The individuals who attend this conference represent the best of the best,” he said. “This experience allows us to exchange ideas on what’s been effective in our regions. The most important factor in all this is that we’re building our connection base, which can further help our careers down the road.”

Pursuit Promotional Management Director of Operations on the Benefits of Networking:

According to Michael, within the Pursuit Promotional Management business model, networking is considered a key to success. “A professional network filled with top-level peers and mentors is a powerful tool for anyone to have,” he added. “Conferences are one of the many opportunities with which we can grow these networks.”

“Knowledge comes in different forms,” he added. “We can learn from formalized training. We also learn from each other. I am a firm believer that your professional circle should include those who will challenge you to become better with each passing day. When we surround ourselves with successful individuals, it inspires us to want to accomplish our goals and succeed as well."

Michael stated that between empowering culture and the multiple opportunities available to associates to develop themselves, the firm sets the stage for people who seek lasting career success. “We have a vision of our people advancing in their roles as they master each step,” he concluded. “By building professional networks, we enhance the chances we have to grow.”

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