Pursuit Promotional Management Top Achiever Visits San Diego

Pursuit Promotional Management's Director of Operations put Lauren in the spotlight for her outstanding performance and recent trip to San Diego. He also outlined the team's commitment to in-depth training.

"We take every opportunity to highlight our top performers around the Pursuit Promotional Management office," stated Michael M., the firm's Director of Operations. "Lauren is the latest example of an outstanding team member who earned some time in the spotlight. In fact, her consistent excellence earned her a rewarding trip to San Diego."

During her time in San Diego, Lauren had the chance to network with some of the best in the industry. She received one-on-one training from executive leaders with plenty of expertise to share. Michael added, "Lauren came back to the Pursuit Promotional Management office more motivated than ever to achieve her ambitious career goals."

The Director explained why Lauren is viewed as the glue that holds the Pursuit Promotional Management workplace together. He remarked, "Lauren is very organized and always thinking one step ahead when it comes to process improvements. In her eyes, everything can be improved. That mind-set has consistently taken our office to the next levels of success. The fact that she helps our office run smoothly while also finishing her last semester of college makes her even more impressive."

Pursuit Promotional Management's Director of Operations Discusses Immersive Training Approach

New additions to Team Pursuit Promotional Management receive a wealth of hands-on education. Each new hire gets the chance to work on real-world applications in a variety of business processes. This in-depth education is accompanied by guidance from seasoned team members. Michael added, "We're big on mentorship, so every addition to our team gets to learn from someone who has been there and done that."

Ongoing development is also a core element of the company ethos. The Director noted, "Our team members are committed to learning new things every day. We offer group training sessions and internal seminars to keep them engaged in improvement. By pushing beyond their current skill sets, our team members keep us on the leading edge of our industry."

Travel events are ideal complements to the firm's in-depth approach to training. Michael commented, "Just as we immerse our team members in new concepts, we want them to experience new things and interact with accomplished people. When they attend conferences, retreats, and other industry events, our promotional specialists broaden their personal and professional horizons. They come back to the office with clearer views of what's possible in our industry."

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