Pursuit Promotional Management's Relaxing Trip to Punta Cana

Team members from Pursuit Promotional Management recently attended an industry conference in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Michael M., the company Director, called the trip a major success.

Michael chose Lukas M. to accompany him and represent Pursuit Promotional Management at the sales and marketing event. The get-together, which happens every year, involved awards, networking, and plenty of learning opportunities. Michael indicated that the conference is an excellent way to stay up-to-date with the latest in the industry.

“The all-inclusive trip took place at the Hard Rock Hotel,” he added. “Visiting the tropical destination, we got to enjoy the beach, socialize with our peers from other companies, and generally relax. Of course, as a sales and marketing industry event, there was also plenty of networking and sharing experiences. It was a great way for Lukas and me to learn about what is working in other markets.”

According to Michael, he chose Lukas, in part, because he was an original member of the office expansion and has been working at the company longer than anyone else. Lukas is also one of the team’s top trainers and is dedicated to the success of everyone around him. His commitment and passion has shown Michael that Lukas is excited and ready to learn and grow.

“Luke has done so much for Pursuit Promotional Management,” said Michael. “People plan vacations like this as rare treats. We are very lucky to be working in a fast-paced industry that has such amazing conferences. I was so happy to be able to bring Lukas on this all-inclusive trip and to show him how much we all appreciate his hard work.”

Pursuit Promotional Management’s Director Examined the Benefits of Travel

Every member of the Pursuit Promotional Management team gets chances to travel, Michael stated. This includes conferences, retreats, networking events, inter-office training and more. He asserted that getting away is a valuable investment for any business team.

“Today’s business world is driven by highly skilled, creative individuals,” he explained. “The top companies in every field are the ones that innovate and set the pace for the rest of their industries. Travel can be a powerful tool for inspiring creative thinking. Getting into a new environment and experiencing new things can be the fuel a team needs to innovate.”

He added that breaking the routine also adds to creativity. According to Michael, many professionals get stuck in a single way of thinking when they have the same schedule day after day. So, changing things up can push them to start thinking differently.

“Most people have the potential to come up with the next big thing,” he concluded. “As a leader, I consider it my responsibility to help my team get new perspectives on life and their work. If I can inspire them, we can redefine the cutting edge together.”

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Source: Pursuit Promotional Management