Pursuit Promotional Management's Yearly Retreat

Pursuit Promotional Management's President detailed an annual gathering he attends with other top industry leaders. He discussed the benefits of these meetings and offered his best advice for networking at conferences.

Members of Team Pursuit Promotional Management travel to all types of industry functions. Leadership conferences are especially rewarding events. Michael, the firm’s President, stated, “Our team members get to learn from influential leaders and add them to their networks during these conferences. It’s always an inspiring experience for our people to be around so many accomplished frontrunners.”

Michael has created his own tradition for getting maximum value out of these major industry gatherings. He explained, “Some of the other top leaders and I have started getting together before each conference just to catch up. We exchange winning business techniques and have a lot of fun together in the process. This year, we’ll be meeting in Orange County before the Top Leaders Conference.”

Regular meetups allow Michael to continue learning from his top-performing peers and share valuable insights with his associates back at the Pursuit Promotional Management office. He remarked, “It’s great to stay in touch with the people who have inspired me and helped me grow from the beginning. We’ve all achieved so much over the years, but we can still find time to discuss our future plans and motivate each other to keep improving.”

Pursuit Promotional Management’s President Shares Conference Networking Tips

To help team members make the most of every conference experience, Michael offers a few simple bits of networking advice. He commented, “Body language is one of the key considerations when adding new contacts. I remind our associates to project openness in their posture and through warm smiles. Simply looking like you’re ready to build a meaningful connection can make a big difference.”

Listening is another key element of any effective networking strategy. “People enjoy having the chance to talk about their own interests and goals,” Michael noted. “The more potential connections discuss the things they care about, the better your chance of identifying common ground. When our team members listen more than they talk, they tend to expand their Pursuit Promotional Management networks more effectively.”

Michael also believes having realistic goals going into any networking event is a helpful approach. “When you’re focused on making a small amount of genuine connections, you’re more likely to succeed,” he said. “Otherwise, it can be easy to get a bit overwhelmed by being around so many likeminded people who could help you in your career pursuits.”

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